San Fermín in Pamplona: balconies and bullfight tickets
Running bulls in Pamplona

Pamplona, San Fermín and the Running of the Bulls 2025 from the Inside

This website, offspring of my success at the Palio in Siena, is born with 10 years of experience in Pamplona, and not only during San Fermín. This is a website of an expert, of an insider who spends time in Pamplona also in winter, in spring, in autumn. Who knows Pamplona’s streets, bars, people when they are still clean. It does make a difference. That’s by the way the only chance to have the best balconies to watch the bullrun, the widest selections of bullfight tickets, and access to some places where no tourist has gone before. La Fiesta de Pamplona, los Sanfermines or the Running with the Bulls is not only about alcohol and wild partying. Be in Pamplona like the Pamplonese!

Nobody in town refers to the Mercaderes/Estafeta bend as the “Dead Man’s Corner” for instance. It’s a catchy nickname for it, but don’t ask a local about where it is. On the other hand, you’ll often hear about “Telefónica” (which, incidentally, is a much more dangerous spot than the Mercaderes/Estafeta bend, and I have the only balconies with views over it). And where is this famous “Telefónica”: look for the building reading “Movistar” close to the Plaza de Toros… Yes, telephone companies sometimes change name faster than local habits. But local habits can be more interesting than a mere tourist approach!

Also, please remember: wear white if you are going to run. And bring no cameras, no silly shoes, no absurd hats. And, of course, RUNNERS DON’T DRINK. Please take your time listening to the real stories of the good runners, and learn from them. And avoid July the 7th and Saturdays/Sundays for running if you can. Protect the festival, behave (and run) RESPONSIBLY! The existence of the Running of the Bulls depends on you also.

See you in Pamplona!

Jacopo Mauro della Torre