San Fermín in Pamplona: balconies and bullfight tickets

A private Bullfighting Museum, noble halls and the best restaurants

San Fermín is much more than just binge drinking. It's also true that finding out-of-the-path experiences is by definition no easy task, and even less so during the absolute chaos of the Fiesta in Pamplona. I pride myself to be able to introduce some of my clients to very special realities, true oasis which will cast a brand new light on the cultural relevance of the pamplonese tradition. I can grant access to a private bullfight museum, to private collections of San Fermin memorabilia and further local antiques, to noble halls and to some of the local gastronomic societies, beside booking tables at the two best restaurants in town. You will enjoy the peace and the depth of the experiences; these aren't for everyone maybe, but those intrigued will definitely leave Pamplona with a better taste in the mouth!       

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