San Fermín in Pamplona: balconies and bullfight tickets
balcony over Pamplona bullrun

My balconies to watch the bullrun 2024

To follow the Encierro in Pamplona (the Bullrun or Running of the Bulls, as it has been somehow translated) there are only two options: from a balcony or from the street. In the second case “to follow” is definitely the most appropriate word, because very soon the bulls will overtake you (hopefully without leaving any trace) and from that moment, yes, you will officially follow them (bulls are much faster than any runner in case you wondered). Safer, and I would say somewhat more comfortably, you can follow the bullrun from a balcony. After ten years in town, with the privilege to be a genuine insider, I exclusively manage the best balconies in Pamplona, so that my clients can “be there, but without the crowds” at all the relevant spots of the track for the Running of the Bulls. While it’s impossible to see the whole track from a given spot, there definitely are locations which are more spectacular than others: the bend between Mercaderes and Estafeta (some refer to it as “Dead Man’s Corner”: no Pamplonese will know where it is however, as it's just "La Curva" locally); the very start in Calle de Santo Domingo, where the runners chant to the Saint just moments before the bulls are released; the very end, the last bend into the arena (Telefónica): a viewpoint which only I can offer through my privileged contacts in town. And if you are thinking about Calle Estafeta: this street is a quite long one, so it might be better to be somewhat elevated rather than too low, except at specific spots. It’s just about the “quantity” of the action you can see from your balcony: the bullrun is extremely fast… Trust the local wisdom (and experience). Prices for the balconies to watch the Running of the Bulls 2020 start from 80€ per person and go up to 160€ for the rarest and most sought after viewpoints, every year preferred by professional photographers from the whole world: it's no secret that several of the most famous images of Pamplona's bullrun have been shot from some of "my" balconies.

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Balcony to enjoy the running of the bulls in Pamplona
A balcony is definitely the safest spot to watch the bullrun in Pamplona
Balconies in Pamplona
Balcony to see the bullrun encierro in Pamplona
Not only tourists, especially locals choose balconies to watch the bullrun in Pamplona
Balcony to see Encierro
Chanting at the Saint moment before the bulls are released on Santo Domingo Street Pamplona