San Fermín in Pamplona: balconies and bullfight tickets
Bullfight arena, Plaza de Toros, Pamplona

Pamplona Bullfight Tickets 2024

The bullfights in Pamplona: at 6:30pm from July the 6th through the 14th (and at 8pm on July the 5th). The arena in Pamplona is the second bigger in Spain, with an attendance of 20,000, but finding the tickets for the bullfight is not easy. An “abono”, or yearly subscription, is a status symbol for the Pamplonese, and good 90% of the bullfight tickets in Pamplona (of which, essentially 100% of the good seats) go to the yearly subscribers. The only way to access Pamplona’s Plaza de Toros, or bullfight arena, is to get someone to resell his/her ticket to you. Needless to say, the quality of your personal relationships in town reflects the one of the bullfight tickets you can get, also because resale of bullfight tickets is officially forbidden: for the good spots it's not a mere matter of money, rather of trust and reputation, as the bullfight in Pamplona is a relevant social occasion. After ten years in town, with the privilege of being a real insider in Pamplona, I can provide my clients with basically all the most sought after bullfight tickets, inlcuding those for the fantastic rejoneo of July the 6th, the unique corrida on horse. This is a very special event, possibly the most impressive in the bullfight world and definitely the most exclusive in Pamplona. It’s an incredible dance of bull, horse and man. A dance of death sure thing, but nevertheless a very elegant one. And for those who don’t want to see blood: in the morning of the weekends there are acrobatic corridas, the recortadores. The bull is here not even touched, just avoided acrobatically: a truly incredible spectacle, for as little as 26€ per person. Regular bullfight tickets start from 40€ per person, to go to 300€ for the rarest spots, of which literally only 10 per day exist in the arena at all.

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Bullfight in Pamplona
Bullfight arena in Pamplona
Rejoneo bullfight on horse in Pamplona
Bullfight Plaza de Toros, Pamplona
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Bullfight corrida Pamplona tickets