San Fermín in Pamplona: balconies and bullfight tickets
opening ceremony Encierro: Chupinazo

El Chupinazo! San Fermin Opening Ceremony

July the 6th 2017, noon. The most intense -and crazy- moment in San Fermin. It’s more dangerous to be in the square at this time, for the Opening Ceremony, rather than as the bulls run (I think so, really). The white of the t-shirts quickly becomes pinkish because of the wine being sprayed all over: Plaza Consistorial (Ayuntamiento) becomes fuller and fuller: it’s very difficult to cross it already at 10:30am, and definitely impossible to approach it without getting “invited” to some wine, which will land on your clothes. Once the square is packed, the crowd starts to push itself, and you will see the “waves” being produced: the only reason why nobody falls to the ground, thus seriously risking his/her life, is that there is no space to fall down, so full is the square. In a bath of sweat, wine, excitement. A balcony to follow the Chupinazo 2017 is a must, as it is to attend this very peculiar opening ceremony, which peaks with a small rocket -the Chupinazo- being fired from the balconies of the City Hall (Ayuntamiento). I have the best locations to follow it all live -but safely.

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Chupinazo party in Pamplona Square
Chupinazo wine drinking
Chupinazo party
pople during Chupinazo
opening ceremony Encierro party
opening ceremony Encierro
opening ceremony Encierro
opening ceremony Chupinazo